Thursday, September 21, 2017

Comic Book and Collectibles Store Fundraiser

Opening a Comic Book and Collectibles Store

Thank you for visiting. I have collected, been a fan of and illustrated/written comic books for over 30 years. I also have experience in retail and management for over 25 years. I wish to take my love and experience in comic book history, art and retail to new levels by opening a comic book and collectibles store in Chicago South Suburbs. My vision for the store will go beyond just selling comics. 

I will offer 3 Sets of Classes on comic book art, character design and writing development for:

Ages: 10-13 (Junior High)
Ages: 14-17  (High School)
Ages: 18 and Up (Adult)

Guest speakers, artists and celebrities will be invited to share their experiences.  To help reach out to more fans and readers, I will donate comic books and products to local schools, libraries, and veteran groups . We will also have video games, collectibles and more products to provide an overall awesome experience. Local artists, writers, publishers and collectors will be able to sell their products through consignment.

We will also have character actors, artists, writers and film stars come out to greet fans and sign autographs.

The funds donated will be used towards:

Startup Cost 
Help secure business loans
Renting storefront, purchasing inventory, purchasing furniture, computers, and software
Hiring employees
Day to day expenses that occur in the first few months of operation

My timeline for the opening of the store is 8 months. I have begun obtaining inventory, and need additional funds to move forward. The name of the store is to be called Mercury Comics and Media and to be located in the Chicago South Suburbs.

Any help towards helping me reach my goal would be greatly appreciated and will help me provide a new generation with comic book reading experience, learning comic art, creating their own characters and developing creative writing skills.

Thank you again for visiting


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