Wednesday, October 21, 2009

La Tristesse Durera (The Sadness Will Never Go Away) - From "Dead Artists Symmetry" Poetry-Art Collection

La Tristesse Durera (The Sadness Will Never Go Away)

The sadness never ends.
For this is permanent.
It will be here
Whether I go
Or whether I stay.

“Who will weep for me?”

Too much to wait for
Too much
To see.
Kiss me goodbye
As I claw the sky
Like a falling bird.
My heart slowly ticks
With resentment.

I can see
The starry night
And feel
The cold air.

“How long can I howl into this wind?”

She is crying now.
What is she doing here?

“Oh, I miss your kiss of treachery,
Those tasteful words of vanity.”

The need to linger
Is sailing away.
Pulse and spirit
Is ending
In steps 3, 2, 1

Running out of time.
Closing down.
Down to the end.


Add this to your calendar,
Subtract this from my eulogy.
Everything changes
But this sadness never ends.



“Now I understand what you tried to say to me/And how you suffered for your sanity/And how you tried to set them free/They would not listen/They did not know how/Perhaps they’ll listen now.”
-“ Vincent”, Don McLean


©2009 Torrence King. All rights reserved.


from the poetry-art book: Dead Artists Symmetry - Available Now

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Poem: Lakeshore Sunrise


It is the wee small hours of the morning
The last taste of darkness.

As a fresh brew of day dawns ahead,
The stars stare down and flicker.

One more reminder of heaven’s grace.

I am drawn here
Because of the romance of nature.

I am looking out to the clearing sky
Because I remember you.

She’s rising,
That bright star of warmth eternal.

She’s shining,
Like a golden orb of sweet comfort.

Wrapped around me
Are these thoughts of us.
Sitting here,
Holding each other,
Questioning the lives we’ve been granted.

I guess,
I wanted this time to last forever
But as the lake shimmers
With the sun’s reflection,
I see the ripple effects of our memories.

I can see us there.

How beautiful you are to me
In my mind’s last gleaming

With the glow of time slowly approaching,
I refuse to feel left alone.

For once, we did cross over these entanglements.

Our hearts heavy with burdens,
Longing to breathe
With a sigh of relief.

And now, the light breaks forth
And I gather my thoughts,
Knowing that I may never hold you again
To watch a new day unfold.

Upon the earth,
I take my leave,
Once last time.

Maybe to return
To the place
Where two star-crossed lovers
Found each other
And lost their love
Along the way.


©2009 Torrence King. All rights reserved. From the poetry-art collection “The Kiss of Life”


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Poem: A Desired Destination

A Desired Destination

Driving toward another destination.
Far from where we were meant to be.

The sun is shining
And there’s no rescue here.

You said that there was another
And for this I am grateful.

Thank you.

Makes me wonder
How long it would take before that ball would finally drop.

The sun is shining.
Clouds everywhere.
Driving round and round.
A circle of quiet.

I want to give out.
I want to give in.

Going over a cliff.
Caught in a tailspin.

I told you that I care about you but that wasn’t enough.
I told you that I will do what it takes to make you happy.
But you refused to believe.

Did I do something wrong?
Did I make a wrong turn somewhere?

A one-way street,
Backwards and stalled.

Life has not granted me immunity
From the pain I feel everyday.

Love has taken me through loops
And bound me to the fate I can never escape.

For now, I laugh at this mystery.

Uncovered by time.
Recovered by hate.

If there was any point in my life,
Any point at all,
Where I could find love and not lose faith,
That time has deserted me.

That place,
A Long time ago.

And now,
I am alone.
Pass the point,
Where we were meant to be.


©2009 Torrence King. All rights reserved. From the poetry-art collection “The Kiss of Life”

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Poem: Mysterious Ways


When I asked you to come,
One thing led to another.

When I saw fit to be tied,
Somehow the band broke easily.

But you held on with your mysterious ways.

Chasing misty notions,
Choosing the most important matters.

And I felt it,
The emphasis on the call of duty.

I hate to be hated,
Love to be lost.

And you deliver your mysterious ways.

Translating the lost words
Into a force of ability.

Truly amazing,
Simply fabulous,
And not too shy to say what is meant.

Don't hesitate to compare me, explain what I am
And squeeze the lies from these shadows.

This move in mysterious ways
Is yours only, no argument why.

Too warped as flesh to comprehend,
Too scarred by sense to see it end.

A part of me wants to know everything,
Another part wants to close every door.

Separate me from this universe
And push the buttons that tear these clouds apart.

Mysterious ways are wrapped around your finger.

I sit down to imagine my life without you,
How your love could say no more.

"I'd rather have you with me
Than riches untold."

For without your ways to change me
I am no longer whole.


©2009 Torrence King. All rights reserved. From the poetry-art collection “The Kiss of Life”


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ONE THING LEADS TO….The Hindenburg Disaster??

After the hoopla over the balloon boy incident, a friend of mine and I were talking about the Seinfeld episode when Newman said “The humanity…!” which led to our conversation about the Hindenburg Disaster and the reporter saying “The humanity…!” and wouldn’t ya know it?? Cable channel Encore had the “Hindenburg” movie on last Saturday with George C. Scott and a cast of…..well, a lot of people that were famous then….

Here’s the Wikipedia article about the doomed flight. I was under the impression that most of the passengers died but after watching the movie and reading this article, most of the passengers got out of that fiery deathtrap very quickly…amazing!!

The Hindenburg disaster took place on Thursday 6 May 1937 as the LZ 129 Hindenburg caught fire and was destroyed within one minute while attempting to dock with its mooring mast at the Lakehurst Naval Air Station, which is located adjacent to the borough of Lakehurst in Manchester Township, New Jersey. Of the 97 people on board, 35 people died in addition to one fatality on the ground. The disaster was the subject of spectacular newsreel coverage, photographs, and Herbert Morrison's recorded radio eyewitness report from the landing field, which was broadcast the next day. The actual cause of the fire remains unknown, although a variety of theories have been put forward for both the cause of ignition and the initial fuel for the ensuing fire.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Satellites & Exits: Poetry and Art Collection

An updated edition of the premiere publication, Satellites & Exits: Volume 1: a poetry and art collection by artist/writer, Torrence King is available now to order.

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The updated edition of the premiere publication, Satellites & Exits by Torrence King makes its debut, celebrating over 10 years since its first release.

"This was my first poetry and art collection published back in 1996. Its contents still resonates with readers, including myself."

King explains "I gathered my thoughts and put them in these metaphors and messages. Through the time of its writing, I learned from and was inspired by the best poets and thinkers and hope that this new edition of Satellites & Exits continues to make an impact over a decade later."

Satellites & Exits (Poetry and Art Collection) - Table of Contents

- Introduction

1. Eternity Invites A Universe
2. Weight Your Turn
3. Mirage of Desire
4. The Knowledge of Good and Evil
5. Sentimental Value
6. The Roadless Travels
7. Happy Yellow
8. The Meaning of Life, The Secret of Time, The Fear of Death
9. The Winds of Change
10. The Rearview-Mirror Dimension
11. And, Fade Away
12. Moonless Words
13. Stateless
14. The Autumn Leaves Violet Stole
15. Verses Vs. Me
16. Psychedelic Superangel
17. Half-Full Heart, Half-Empty Mind
18. Ache Gently Tea
19. Never, Never Land
20. I Buried My Heart At Wounded Knee


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