Wednesday, October 21, 2009

La Tristesse Durera (The Sadness Will Never Go Away) - From "Dead Artists Symmetry" Poetry-Art Collection

La Tristesse Durera (The Sadness Will Never Go Away)

The sadness never ends.
For this is permanent.
It will be here
Whether I go
Or whether I stay.

“Who will weep for me?”

Too much to wait for
Too much
To see.
Kiss me goodbye
As I claw the sky
Like a falling bird.
My heart slowly ticks
With resentment.

I can see
The starry night
And feel
The cold air.

“How long can I howl into this wind?”

She is crying now.
What is she doing here?

“Oh, I miss your kiss of treachery,
Those tasteful words of vanity.”

The need to linger
Is sailing away.
Pulse and spirit
Is ending
In steps 3, 2, 1

Running out of time.
Closing down.
Down to the end.


Add this to your calendar,
Subtract this from my eulogy.
Everything changes
But this sadness never ends.



“Now I understand what you tried to say to me/And how you suffered for your sanity/And how you tried to set them free/They would not listen/They did not know how/Perhaps they’ll listen now.”
-“ Vincent”, Don McLean


©2009 Torrence King. All rights reserved.


from the poetry-art book: Dead Artists Symmetry - Available Now

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