Monday, October 19, 2009

Poem: Mysterious Ways


When I asked you to come,
One thing led to another.

When I saw fit to be tied,
Somehow the band broke easily.

But you held on with your mysterious ways.

Chasing misty notions,
Choosing the most important matters.

And I felt it,
The emphasis on the call of duty.

I hate to be hated,
Love to be lost.

And you deliver your mysterious ways.

Translating the lost words
Into a force of ability.

Truly amazing,
Simply fabulous,
And not too shy to say what is meant.

Don't hesitate to compare me, explain what I am
And squeeze the lies from these shadows.

This move in mysterious ways
Is yours only, no argument why.

Too warped as flesh to comprehend,
Too scarred by sense to see it end.

A part of me wants to know everything,
Another part wants to close every door.

Separate me from this universe
And push the buttons that tear these clouds apart.

Mysterious ways are wrapped around your finger.

I sit down to imagine my life without you,
How your love could say no more.

"I'd rather have you with me
Than riches untold."

For without your ways to change me
I am no longer whole.


©2009 Torrence King. All rights reserved. From the poetry-art collection “The Kiss of Life”


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