Sunday, October 18, 2009

Satellites & Exits: Poetry and Art Collection

An updated edition of the premiere publication, Satellites & Exits: Volume 1: a poetry and art collection by artist/writer, Torrence King is available now to order.

ONLY: $4.99

The updated edition of the premiere publication, Satellites & Exits by Torrence King makes its debut, celebrating over 10 years since its first release.

"This was my first poetry and art collection published back in 1996. Its contents still resonates with readers, including myself."

King explains "I gathered my thoughts and put them in these metaphors and messages. Through the time of its writing, I learned from and was inspired by the best poets and thinkers and hope that this new edition of Satellites & Exits continues to make an impact over a decade later."

Satellites & Exits (Poetry and Art Collection) - Table of Contents

- Introduction

1. Eternity Invites A Universe
2. Weight Your Turn
3. Mirage of Desire
4. The Knowledge of Good and Evil
5. Sentimental Value
6. The Roadless Travels
7. Happy Yellow
8. The Meaning of Life, The Secret of Time, The Fear of Death
9. The Winds of Change
10. The Rearview-Mirror Dimension
11. And, Fade Away
12. Moonless Words
13. Stateless
14. The Autumn Leaves Violet Stole
15. Verses Vs. Me
16. Psychedelic Superangel
17. Half-Full Heart, Half-Empty Mind
18. Ache Gently Tea
19. Never, Never Land
20. I Buried My Heart At Wounded Knee


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