Tuesday, March 24, 2009



The moon hid from my eyes.

Or was it the mist of shame

Clothed in a blue of night?

I have seen much

In these darkened hours here.

What I fear,

I tread.

What I've shaken,

I've shared.

It is cold in this place

Of shadows

Where there is no where to go but up.

The beams of the night’s light

Clears my path ahead.

But not before

I stop to contemplate.

“Will I be there another moment too late?”

“Who will join me

Before the fall of the stars above?”

I find it best not to think on these things.

They just turn these feeble bones

Into crops of dust.

I have journeyed a million miles,

A million times

To the place

Where many are heard

But have very little to say.

©1996 Torrence King. All Rights Reserved. From the poetry-art collection “Satellites & Exits” - Available Now 

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