Friday, January 8, 2010



The taste of your sweet lips,
The glow of your sweet presence
Is everything to me.

As I walk this weary world,
I look to the starry sky.

And its the moonlight that I see.

Shine down on this love-worn soul,
Dear moonlight.

Let your beams enlightened my path.

Lead me to my baby.

I’m starving for a taste of her sweet lips.
I’m wanting to embrace everything she has for me.

Light my way to her loving arms.
Her hands will pull me close.

Tonight she wants me
And, Heaven knows, I want her too.

Grant me serenity.
Bless this love.
Moonlight sky.

Hear her cry out my name
With every move we make.

Hear her moan for more
As she wraps her body around me.

It is the sound of a moonlight’s passion.

A beautiful sound to hear.

This is how it feels
Beneath the glow
Of her song’s liberation.

Hot and wet.

In the night,
The light shines bright
When the moon
Sets the tone
For making love.


©2010 Torrence King. All rights reserved.

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