Friday, March 26, 2010

Satellites & Exits: Poetry and Art Book - AVAILABLE NOW

Poetry and Art Book: Satellites and Exits

An updated edition of the Exit Press premiere publication, Satellites & Exits: poetry and art collection by artist/writer, Torrence King is available now to order.
Satellites and Exits Cover 2009
The updated edition of the Exit Press premiere publication, Satellites and Exits by Torrence King makes its debut, celebrating over 10 years since its first release.

"This was my first poetry and art collection published by Exit Press back in 1996. Its contents still resonates with readers, including myself."

King explains "I gathered my thoughts and put them in these metaphors and messages. Through the time of its writing, I learned from and was inspired by the best poets and thinkers and hope that this new edition of Satellites & Exits continues to make an impact over a decade later."

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Table of Contents – Satellites and Exits (Poetry and Art Collection)


1. Eternity Invites A Universe
2. Weight Your Turn
3. Mirage of Desire
4. The Knowledge of Good and Evil
5. Sentimental Value
6. The Roadless Travels
7. Happy Yellow
8. The Meaning of Life, The Secret of Time, The Fear of Death
9. The Winds of Change
10. The Rearview-Mirror Dimension
11. And, Fade Away
12. Moonless Words
13. Stateless
14. The Autumn Leaves Violet Stole
15. Verses Vs. Me
16. Psychedelic Superangel
17. Half-Full Heart, Half-Empty Mind
18. Ache Gently Tea
19. Never, Neverland
20. I Buried My Heart At Wounded Knee

Poem: The River Runs Cold


The city lights

Shine and flicker.

On the road, I see eyes

Darkened by fear.

I am here, In this carnival

Of Madness.

Only time will set me

On my path home.

Running forever,

The river’s edge draws near.

The moon reflects

And the tears roll down.


Bitterly cold.

I feel it in my bones.

No one can save me.

No angel to visit

And comfort here.

The rivers begins

To pound the land.

Rushing like a fist

To a weakened wall.

The earth crumbles around me.

My land fails me.

My hope is gone.

Will a hand of mercy

Pull me from this bitter end?

I cannot trust a soul

Or tell an enemy

From a friend.

Not anymore.

And now, a fire burns within.

Holding on

To whatever life I have left.


From the poetry-art collection: Devotion: God Moving Over The Face of The Waters ©2010 Torrence King. All rights reserved.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Poem: In You, I Am Complete from "Devotion: God Moving Over The Face of The Waters"


I try so hard
To be strong.

To be blind
To the fact.

To be
To all.

I fall.

I fall without anything
To give.

Bounce me back
To the place
I belong.

The longest day,
Beckons me
To strive
For more.

To try harder.

To make it right.

I will sing
This song of hope.

Of inspiration.

Because there’s nothing left
To believe in.

This Hell for a Heaven.

Trade in this pain,
And run until my knees are weak.

Now, I am scattered
And need completion.

I need you.

To help
And pull me together.

To feel your love.

I need you
To be whole again.


From the poetry-art collection: Devotion: God Moving Over The Face of The Waters ©2010 Torrence King. All rights reserved.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Poem: Change, Change, Change


I must keep my eyes
On what is behind me.

All the love we once shared,
Lost to the past
Further down some previous road
At a place called familiar.

I’ll search this distant land
For the treasures of the heart,
Where it is warm and misty
And filled with your perfume.

The scent is breathtaking
Like these images of you

In-between these dreamy hills
And valleys, I hear a symphony
In the key of a love so fair.
It paints the sky crystal blue
And calms the terrible sea.

I am surrounded
By all this beauty.

All of what love means,
All of time well spent.
Now, I am too far gone
For change to come.

I fall to this bed
Of scattered emotions
Only resting on my memories
And fearful of what comes next.

One step closer to you.


©1998 Torrence King. From The Kiss of Life - Poetry-Art Collection

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Poem: HERE (Pts. 1 - 3)


An emotional wreck.
I have become.

Attached to the feeling of being in love.
Never there.
Away from here.

Away from whatever I felt.
No more left.

The question I may ask myself.
Is never on the tip of my tongue.

The last of time is a matter of fact.
Left to the ages to sort out.

I could love
Or be loved.

I could change
Or be changed.

I could fall
Or be broken.

I laugh at the notion of making myself a fool.

Already taken for a trip
Of which lost souls could never be found.

Gone but not forgotten.

Away from here.

Wandering the streets with a shadow hanging over me.
Voices of the past
Haunting the path.
Kisses of the night
A mere flavor of what I may never have.

There, I sit.
On the floor.
Tears stream down my face.

I become someone else.
Not a mirror of your hurt.
Not a mirror of your pain.

But all that I am.
For there is no one here but me.



It is all I decided against.

Don't you see?
I am not here to hurt.

I am here to be hurt.

That's not so bad.

For I will be fine.

And It's not like it's the first time.

Actually, it makes for great conversation.

Makes me cover myself
In these distant metaphors.

Now, I'll put my heart on my sleeve
To give hope to the hopeless.

In some ways, its quite encouraging.

To know one's place in the scheme of things.

Its better to know
Than not know
Where one may stand.
Otherwise, they stand
To have their very essence
Shattered by the hope of what
They thought they knew
Would be the change
For the better.

I have come to comprehend this deep command.

And scream it from the top of my lungs.

I have been a fool!
I have been let down!
I am the one who traveled down the road
Going the wrong way!

All that surrounds me is my strength!

I am here to stay!



Who is that staring back at me?
Oh, that's a reflection.
A sign on the mirror of my memory.

Let me begin this final thought.

Or may I end it on a serious note?

Not a place most may go.
For there are some that do more harm than good.

But it is the greater good that drives me.
I may never look back.

Or, perhaps, a sneak peak of what lurks beneath?

Overtaken by the task at hand.
Gripped by what is true love.

And I may ponder the possibilities.
For I declared my declaration to stay here for you.
With you.

What is that?
A sound I once heard before.
Many moons and dawns ago.

As clear as the night is day: Love

Love is
A breeze in the morning.
It shines through the thickening,
Darkened clouds.

I have come to know how it feels
It is forever within me.
Never to leave my side.

No one knows the future.
For this, I may never have the time to share it.
But I know its power.
For it is as big as life itself.

It is everything I have ever hoped for
Through these tears I cry.

That is love. You are loved. I am loved.

Nothing more. Nothing less
Here for always.

Here to stay.

(c)2008 Torrence J. King. All Rights Reserved.

Sunday, March 7, 2010



I will hold her
As we take over the world.

She will touch me
As we grasp the mystery.

Wheels in motion,
Our love to take over.

I will turn the light bright green
To make a move forward.

She will smile
At such a scene
To remove all doubt inward.

On the wheel of promise,
In the sea of memories,
She felt complete
With all the joys of desire.

In the loop of love,
On the building of insanity,
I will send her there and back again.

And she will send me through
Her wild and wonderful charms
To discover each other,
Beyond the laws of charity.

I will bring her flowers in-bloom
As we open the book of reality.

She will hold me,
As the world falls around us.

I will touch her
As we grasp eternity.

(c)1998 Torrence King. All rights reserved.


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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Poem: All or Nothing


Decisions were made
But not like we expected.

I was once convinced that
I should stay behind
And watch you finally appear.
I couldn't turn around to choose anyone.
I wanted you.

Three names come to mind:
Fire, sea and sky.
They were painted across my eyes.
So, I began to walk
And still the aisle remained steep,
The road a little rough.

Watch our lives sympathetically reform,
Watch our form grow tiredly awful.

Just in case we're not careful,
Dance around the issue of trust.
That’s the least of our worries.
So to speak.

I worked hard to earn
This thing called living.
And The best part of it
Is you.

Did we pass the time
Just to start all over again?

There are many faces to remember.
Not enough to forget.

Your face stands above
The highest embodiment of intimate textures.
Unraveling meaning from freedom.
You took an adventurous route
Pass the waiting game.

But does that save you
From not hearing me out?

This is something more than I bargained for,
At least, I didn't expect increased affections.

Nothing else really matters,
When all our wishes
Hang in the balance
To become true.

If we gave it all we got.
If we let our guard down.
If we make the most of tomorrow.

We're better off taking the gamble
And paying the debt
That benefits nothing less
Than all we need:
Each other.


©2006 Torrence King. All rights reserved.

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POEM: Time Stands Still

Time Stands Still

We are both timeless souls.
Weary and worn.

Time flies when we are together.
Half-past eight and more than a second too late.

In your eyes,
I can see forever.

As my hand touches yours,
I can feel our chemistry.
Swirling through our attempts to embrace it.

It moves.
It grooves.
To the beat of our distant hearts.

Higher and higher.
We are above the fray.

All things that were impossible to grasp
Are now a part of our love.

Nothing torn.
Nothing lost.

I can't believe that these feelings are real.

The clouds that covered all those moments
Have made way for the sun.

To make us feel something like never before.
Always as good as the first time.
With each time being better than the last.
You want all that I can give
And I want you always in my arms.

So, don't go.
Not so soon.
Let us enjoy our moment here.

In time,
Belonging to each other.

Letting go of all our worries and cares.

While it stands to reason,
We have found each other
To make it all worthwhile.

Before time grants us an ending
We can no longer prevent.


©2009 Torrence King. All rights reserved.

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I Walk on.

Through the flood,
And through the fire.

I Walk on.

I Walk forward

Through all the pain

And all the tears
I Walk on.

Through the drought,
And through the rain.

I Walk on.

I Walk forward

Despite the fear
And the doubt.

I Walk on.

Through the midst of these troubles,
And the burdens I must bear.

I stand and walk.

Walking onward.

To be healed.

To be strong.

For whatever dreams may come,
For everything chance may turn.

I Walk on.

©2009 Torrence King. All Rights Reserved. From the poetry-art book, “Declaration of Will”, Published by Exit Press Books, 2010

Declaration of Will