Monday, March 15, 2010

Poem: Change, Change, Change


I must keep my eyes
On what is behind me.

All the love we once shared,
Lost to the past
Further down some previous road
At a place called familiar.

I’ll search this distant land
For the treasures of the heart,
Where it is warm and misty
And filled with your perfume.

The scent is breathtaking
Like these images of you

In-between these dreamy hills
And valleys, I hear a symphony
In the key of a love so fair.
It paints the sky crystal blue
And calms the terrible sea.

I am surrounded
By all this beauty.

All of what love means,
All of time well spent.
Now, I am too far gone
For change to come.

I fall to this bed
Of scattered emotions
Only resting on my memories
And fearful of what comes next.

One step closer to you.


©1998 Torrence King. From The Kiss of Life - Poetry-Art Collection

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