Thursday, March 25, 2010

Poem: In You, I Am Complete from "Devotion: God Moving Over The Face of The Waters"


I try so hard
To be strong.

To be blind
To the fact.

To be
To all.

I fall.

I fall without anything
To give.

Bounce me back
To the place
I belong.

The longest day,
Beckons me
To strive
For more.

To try harder.

To make it right.

I will sing
This song of hope.

Of inspiration.

Because there’s nothing left
To believe in.

This Hell for a Heaven.

Trade in this pain,
And run until my knees are weak.

Now, I am scattered
And need completion.

I need you.

To help
And pull me together.

To feel your love.

I need you
To be whole again.


From the poetry-art collection: Devotion: God Moving Over The Face of The Waters ©2010 Torrence King. All rights reserved.

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