Saturday, March 6, 2010

Poem: All or Nothing


Decisions were made
But not like we expected.

I was once convinced that
I should stay behind
And watch you finally appear.
I couldn't turn around to choose anyone.
I wanted you.

Three names come to mind:
Fire, sea and sky.
They were painted across my eyes.
So, I began to walk
And still the aisle remained steep,
The road a little rough.

Watch our lives sympathetically reform,
Watch our form grow tiredly awful.

Just in case we're not careful,
Dance around the issue of trust.
That’s the least of our worries.
So to speak.

I worked hard to earn
This thing called living.
And The best part of it
Is you.

Did we pass the time
Just to start all over again?

There are many faces to remember.
Not enough to forget.

Your face stands above
The highest embodiment of intimate textures.
Unraveling meaning from freedom.
You took an adventurous route
Pass the waiting game.

But does that save you
From not hearing me out?

This is something more than I bargained for,
At least, I didn't expect increased affections.

Nothing else really matters,
When all our wishes
Hang in the balance
To become true.

If we gave it all we got.
If we let our guard down.
If we make the most of tomorrow.

We're better off taking the gamble
And paying the debt
That benefits nothing less
Than all we need:
Each other.


©2006 Torrence King. All rights reserved.

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