Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Kiss of Life: Poetry-Art Collection

An updated edition of the poetry-art collection, The Kiss of Life by artist/writer, Torrence King is available now to order.

ONLY: $4.99

Book Description

This collection of poetry focuses on the subject of love...and not just about love with a narrow perspective but touching on the varied degrees of love: the hurt, the pain, the joy and the lost that makes us all humanly open to love's twists and turns.

Poet/Artist Torrence King gives his readers something to think about. "In terms of the feelings and perspectives of love, I tried to convey emotion and thought within each poem. Relying on both experience and reflections by others to accomplish my goal with this collection."

This updated, revised and expanded edition features classics Our Night in Question, How Did We Drift So Far Apart?, Mysterious Ways and Warmed By Your Fire plus new fan favorites, Insomnia and Lakeshore Sunrise

Dimensions: 8 1/2 x 11 - 20 pages - Language: English

Table of Contents - Poetry and Art (Click Links Below for Sample Selections)


1. The Kiss of Life

2. Love Cycle

3. Catch Me If I Can't Catch You

4. Vantasia

5. The Miracle of Distance

6. The River

7. No One Nowhere Compares To You

8. If You Only Knew

9. Warmed By Your Fire

10. Love In Time

11. Change, Change, Change

12. How Did We Drift So Far Apart?

13. Mysterious Ways

14. Our Night In Question

15. Good Luck Charm

16. All or Nothing

17. Insomnia

18. A Desired Destination

19. Time Stands Still

20. Lakeshore Sunrise

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