Monday, September 20, 2010

Poem: Warmed By Your Fire


I’m out in the cold, wishing you were here.

All too often I took your lyrics for granted,
So many times I mistook your candle for harm.

A typical child would have kept out of trouble
With knowing the extreme burden you bear.

A love that keeps the fire burning.

When I was alone searching for a memory,
You called out my name as a gift to me.

I waited a moment then lost my way
In the warmth of your arms.

Close to me are those reminders of solitude
Taking on a song,
I know I can turn to you now or later.

Why do I endure this isolation,
This bitter sound of silence.

O love, why do you care?

Months can go by without my making a verbal plea
Nor an inner yearning for your touch.

If you are here, save my soul from growing numb
And burn tonight a fraction of your light.

Dwell outside the deep that calls the deep inside of me.
I am homesick and strange to feeling alone.

Warmed by your fire,
Underneath your flame
Is where I belong.

©2000 Torrence J. King. All Rights Reserved.

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