Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Winds of Tragedy/The Hope of VicTory (Tribute to Virginia Tech)

The Winds of Tragedy/The Hope of VicTory

I hear the wind blowing.
I hear it howl.
I hear it weep.

Like a mother for a hurting child.

The sound of shots
Ringing throughout the land.

Shots fired!
Shots fired!

So many tears fall down.
So many heads hang low.
So many hearts lost in sorrow.
So many questions that surround our very being.

Some have survived
Still others are gone.
And ever,
By a madman's gun.

No one understands.

The worst of it all
Thus far
And, so far, we must go on.

No rhyme.
No reason.
Can we comprehend this senselessness?

No matter of thought
Toward many lives yet to be lived.

And, it is now that these lives are remembered.
All that's left for us to restore.
Reflections on their history.
The pictures that tell their story.
Of their smiles,
Of their dreams,
Of their hopes.

For this, we hope
Of a better day.
A better way.

A hope that this tragedy will not cause us to fear and tremble.

That the lives lost
Will shine on
For all to see.

Remembering the brave,
The bold.
Those who stood up
That others may live.

For this,
We must stand together,
One by one.
As one.

Holding the hands of those left behind.
Praying for those who bore witness.
Sharing a whisper of love to all.

We shall overcome
And claim the ultimate victory.

The victory over this tragedy.

Never to forget.
Determined to stand strong.

That no madman
Can take away all hope
Though they themselves are lost
To their own despair.

For this,
A prayer goes forth:
Let those touched by the lost of loved ones,
Be comforted.
Let those who endure with pain,
Be healed.

May time and prayers
Bring an encouragement
To go on with love fulfilled,
From all who cry with you
And everyone in-between.

May you know the hope we pray and share.

We are one.
We are strength.
We are the hope of VicTory.

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©2007 Torrence J. King. All Rights Reseved.

originally posted on Myspace: April 16, 2008

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