Friday, August 26, 2011

Poem: If You Only Knew


A darkened room
Is this place I call home.

Down the corridor
Of your world
Is a place
Dimly lit.

Please, patiently see
Inside my soul.

Every direction points
Back to the heart of this.

Within the roaring
of passion, an unfortunate child inside
Is waiting.

You don’t know how I feel
Being this way;
Wide-eyed and naïve.

Starving for attention.

Give ear, give sight
At these feelings that long for you.

Tied to the Kissing Tree
Is where we should go.

And I will love you
Every moment
In that garden called Beautiful.

Because you are the rose
In mid-summer,
The star twinkling at my wishes.

I have often wondered
If you would ever cross the line
Between simplicity and madness
For the sake
Of being my love,
Faithfully yours.

For the time
Will one day come
When you’ll be ready
To fly with me
In the glow
Of the sun.


©1998 All Rights Reserved.

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