Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday Night Remix: Father's Day Special


"It is a wise child that knows his own father." - Homer Simpson

The Rolling Stones - Miss You (1978) (Rare 12" Inch Dance Classic)

Happy Father’s Day Mick Jagger!!


Stevie Wonder - All I Do Cleptomaniacs Remix

Happy Father’s Day Stevie Wonder!!


Rod Stewart - Do Ya Think Im Sexy (Mightyfools Remix)

Happy Father’s Day Rod Stewart!


Phil Collins - In the Air Tonight (Cure & Cause Remix)

Happy Father’s Day Phil Collins!!


U2 - In God' s Country (remix)

Happy Father’s Day Bono!!


Peter Gabriel – Red Rain (Remix)

Happy Father’s Day Peter Gabriel!!

Maze feat Frankie Beverly - Joy And Pain (Lifelines Remix)

Happy Father’s Day Frankie Beverly!!


The Police - When The World Is Running Down (Different Gear vs The Police Remix)

Happy Father’s Day, Sting!!


Hall and Oates - Out of Touch (DJ Kue Remix)

Happy Father’s Day Daryl Hall and John Oates!!


Coldplay - White Shadows (Morgan Page Remix)

Happy Father’s Day, Chris Martin!!

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