Saturday, January 14, 2012

ComicBook: G.I. Joe 21 - Larry Hama - Silent Interlude

G.I. Joe - #21 - Silent Interlude 
Arguably the greatest Joe story ever told. Written and drawn by Larry Hama, but without a word in it. Various comic book writers have said that they received inspiration from this issue. The first appearance of Storm Shadow. It also hints at a link between Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes: they both have the same tattoo. Read More:​comics/joe/joe21.shtml


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  1. This was one of the great comics of all time. It was probably the most groundbreaking as well considering it was the first to not have any words in it, yet told an amazing story. Larry Hama was/is the most underrated comic writer out there. In my book, he was the best! He got me interested in comics, like many others.