Monday, March 23, 2009



They met between gravity
And the laws thereof.

She loved his charm,
He admired her wit.

She questioned his reasons,
He gave idle answers.
"I am all and nothing more,"
He said.
"More is less."

"Planets and stars,"
She said.
"Are of universal emptiness,
To those that be proud."

He became instantly inferior.
She had exposed his void.

"Come with me,
Take my hand."
She said.
"Travel farther
Than where you've been."

He struggled at the notion
Of such an invitation.

He believes her words.
He takes her hand.

The beginning of illumination.


©1996 Torrence King. All Rights Reserved. From the poetry-art collection “Satellites & Exits”


One of the very first poems I wrote during the early 90's when I took a break from graphic design.

It’s a metaphoric look at a woman (eternity) and a man (universe) and what happens when they meet and decide to be together. I've been asked why is the woman portrayed as eternity and the man portrayed as the universe. Well, besides the names and titles sounding cool, I believe women keep humanity alive thus creating eternity with the birth of life. While men tend to view themselves as conquerors, collecting things to surround their lives, creating their own universes, at times. I know, that’s just some generalizations and theories to explain the poem but it has a touch of truth to it. Anyway, I appreciate when readers enjoy it and take from it whatever they feel.


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