Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Poem: SENTIMENTAL VALUE from Satellites & Exits


I remember her
Elegance and grace.

“Why did I not believe?”

The look in her eyes
Would ensnare my mind.
The touch of her lips
Could encase my fears.

“Why did I ever leave?”

Overwhelmed, I drift
To the sea of regret.

Memories, I won't bring
To extinction.

I wish to embrace
You, my love, once more.

Denial in every attempt.
Unity constantly shun.

Now, I'm left with
These manic memoirs.

In need of
A detached treasure.

An indescribable joy,

Your sentiments exactly.

©1996 Torrence King. All Rights Reserved. From the poetry-art collection “Satellites & Exits” - Available Now
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