Saturday, March 28, 2009

Poem: The Winds of Change


Make the right turn into oblivion,
Away from me,
My love.

These winds of change.

Change these tides and waves
Through the paths unknown.

Change these clouds
From shades of gray.

Into an alternate reality foretold.

My love,
My inner-peace.

Someone is beginning to change me.

Some days,
Sometimes cold air blows passion
Through this fire.

Crashing down
And around.

Changing everything
That I use to be.

Never the same.
Never the same, you see.

Gray for the time.
White for the past.

Hymn to the silence.
Tears for the rain.

And pain,
For all that ever was a part of me.

©1996 Torrence King. All Rights Reserved. From the poetry-art collection “Satellites & Exits”


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