Sunday, May 1, 2011

Poem: No One Nowhere Compares To You


I lay everything I am to you.

I give anything I was to you.

Through my eyes,
I see the face of beauty.

Stay with me that I may become undone.

You love me, 
My beloved, 
As I am
And you shine on me
Like the sun.

Your consuming fire, purifies my soul
And gives me a heart as pure as gold.

Do you believe in me?
Can your love for me be that strong?

I bow at your feet like a wayward soul.
Falling to the ground
Caught between sin and redemption.

I am here among the lonely people
Crying with tears through the night.

If I fall to Hell, will you find me?
If I climb to Heaven, will you be there?

Not the crowns of a thousand kings,
Nor the jewels of a thousand thieves
Can ever tear us apart.

O come and take my hand.
Stand by me
Against the world
Together in love
And eradicate these last drops of my tears.

I will open my heart wide
And I will feel your kiss of mercy, 
sweet mercy.

I will dance to your groove
And let peace find its home within.

The clouds begin to break
And I see a new day dawn.
It has come for me,
It will overcast the former span.

No more darkened world here,
No more stars above.

There is no one,
The is nowhere.

Only you.

©1998, 2009 Torrence King. All rights reserved. From the poetry-art collection “The Kiss of Life” -

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