Sunday, October 17, 2010

Poem: The River

These tides change 
With each passing thought. 

These waves splash 
Upon each foundation. 

They caress the rocks 
With purity. 
The rocks cry out 
For more. 

More change to flow, 
More doubts to grow. 

This land of shifting 
Is held not, 
Seeping through our cracks 
Of humanness. 

This river cleanses 
But never enough. 

Wind and spirit 
Are our strength, 
Overcoming impossibilities, 
Making all things new. 

From this cliff’s edge, 
I take note 
Of the cold air 
And the clouded sky above. 

I begin to feel 
Closer to my fears, 
Closer to my home. 
My soul cries 
Like the rocks below, 
For the mighty river. 

I will never fall alone 
Or fret for tomorrow, 
Because the river is near. 

The river is love, 
The river is peace. 

It floods my land 
With blessings from the shore 
And dreams of a better world 
Where we are Closer than we know. 


©2000 Torrence. King. All Rights Reserved. 

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