Sunday, March 7, 2010



I will hold her
As we take over the world.

She will touch me
As we grasp the mystery.

Wheels in motion,
Our love to take over.

I will turn the light bright green
To make a move forward.

She will smile
At such a scene
To remove all doubt inward.

On the wheel of promise,
In the sea of memories,
She felt complete
With all the joys of desire.

In the loop of love,
On the building of insanity,
I will send her there and back again.

And she will send me through
Her wild and wonderful charms
To discover each other,
Beyond the laws of charity.

I will bring her flowers in-bloom
As we open the book of reality.

She will hold me,
As the world falls around us.

I will touch her
As we grasp eternity.

(c)1998 Torrence King. All rights reserved.


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