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John Byrne - Comic Book Artist and Writer

John Byrne is a British-born comic-book writer and artist of comic books. Since the mid-1970s, Byrne has worked on many major American superheroes.

Byrne's better-known work has been on Marvel Comics’ X-Men and Fantastic Four and the 1986 relaunch of DC Comics’ Superman franchise. Coming into the comics profession exclusively as a penciler, Byrne began co-plotting the X-Men comics during his tenure on them, and launched his writing career in earnest with Fantastic Four (where he started inking his own pencils). During the 1990s he produced a number of creator-owned works, including Next Men and Danger Unlimited. He scripted the first issues of Mike Mignola's Hellboy series and produced a number of Star Trek comics for IDW Publishing.

Art style

Promotional art for Blood of the Demon #1, a series which was written and drawn by Byrne for DC Comics.

Byrne has himself called the straight line "his least favorite artistic element".

Ron Goulart has called Byrne’s artwork "an eminently acceptable mix of bravura, complexity and storytelling clarity".

In Scott McCloud’s book Understanding Comics, Byrne is charted along with other comics artists in the "Big Triangle". McCloud’s placement of Byrne within it identifies his style as similar to Gilbert Hernandez and Jim Lee, making the point that Byrne’s line style is naturalistic without being overly detailed.

Byrne is color blind for a narrow range of green and brown tones. During the first year that Byrne illustrated Iron Fist, he believed that the protagonist's costume was brown. While he experimented with his own hand-developed lettering fonts in the early 1980s, he has since begun using a computer font based on the handwriting of the letterer Jack Morelli.

Byrne’s artistic style, his layouts and his storytelling have been sources of instruction and inspiration to many comics artists, including Todd McFarlane and Bryan Hitch.

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