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X-Men First Class - Movie Questions Without Answers

X-Men: First Class – Movie Questions Without Answers

Watched X-Men: First Class a few months ago and have been meaning to post my thoughts about it. Though I liked the movie as a stand-alone interpretation of the X-Men story (and probably one of the best superhero films ever produced), I don’t think it adds up chronologically to the rest of the movie franchise or even historically (someone needs to either watch the TV show, Madmen or read up on their 1960’s history).

At some points I found it hilarious (the funniest was that Mystique and Charles Xavier were BFFs?? And living in the mansion???)

Here are few questions that I start to bring up while watching it and moments thereafter:

1. Who was Xavier’s mother? How did he inherit or have all the money to afford that castle? And was he suppose to be English?

2. How did Erik escape from Sebastian Shaw during the years of torture?

3. Wait…Whose movie is this about anyway? Last I heard it was called X-Men, not Magneto Men but yet Erik is allowed to make a grand speech while Charles takes a bullet for good measure….The title of this movie should have been X-Men: The Rise of Magneto.

4. Not to sound chauvinistic, but was there any women working for the CIA in 1962 as a agent or spy? At what level is she to call the director directly while he’s in a meeting with the military and others? And also wearing short mini-skirts in 1962 (this is again, 1962 and not 1969)….

5. What? No Stan Lee cameo? LOL

6. Why didn’t Emma Frost sense the presence of Moira hiding in the room.

7. Damn, just how many women does Magneto need to be by his side?

8. What was Shaw’s endgame? Destruction? Take over? Burning down the White House?

9. While shooting at Shaw at the CIA compound a guy just happens to have Bazooka. Who brings a Bazooka to a gun fight?

10. Who was the dude with the power to control the wind? Storm’s father???

11. Why did the only Black guy in the movie get killed…but the Red devil guy is running around killing everybody?

12. Why did the Russians make the helmet for Shaw in the first place?

13. Ummm, not really a question but….that girl with the wings is NOT the real Angel!!

14. Uh…I thought Alex Summers was Scott’s little brother and not the other way around???

15. How did the United States and Russia agree to attack the mutants so quickly when they refused to agree on the missile blockade….and even that went back and forth for 13 days…plus, are the writers saying both Kennedy and Kruschev were mutant haters? That they ordered the assault on these people on the island? Did they even know what a mutant was/is...?

Check out this video that tries unsuccessfully to explain and connect all the X-Men movies and related films:

The F'd Up Timeline of X-Men: First Class

And since I really like the soundtrack, check out the Magneto theme:

X-Men First Class Soundtrack: Magneto (Theme)


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