Saturday, November 27, 2010

Kingsington Post: November 27, 2010

Well, I’ve decided last week to begin posting my thoughts about the happenings in and around our world in a topic-by-topic list and call it the “Kingsington Post”. Why? Because it sounds official…and cool.

These are my thoughts and commentary on current events, things I heard about, celebrities or whatever else that has crossed my path on TV, radio, print, etc. I know everyone is dying to pick my brain so here ya go….

Blockbuster to remind people it still exists - The movie-rental chain is about to launch its first national ad campaign since 2007.


What are these guys doing? There was a time where renting a movie was limited to a few choices but in this day and age, umm, everybody’s sellin’! You can got to Wal-Mart and find a RedBox or online with NetFlix or OnoDemand at Comcast. C’mon Blockbuster! This better be the one offer that can’t be beat.

N.J. anti-Facebook pastor taking leave over affair -

Anti Facebook Pastor

OK. Heard about this one. Its obvious. You can’t expect people to leave the #1 social networking site because of a few rotten apples. Plus if this guy wanted to tell his congregation to leave Facebook for the publicity he got it and a whole lot more! A “three-way” relationship? Dude, should’ve left Facebook alone.

First-Grade Girl Bullied for Liking Star Wars?! -

Bullied First-Grade Girl

This bullying is getting out of hand. Good thing the actors and fans of Star Wars stepped in to offer her some encouragement. Wish the creators and fans of Marvel comics could have stepped in when my friends and I were kids and our teacher took away our Avengers comics and threw them away. Dang school and their rules….

The Six-Million Dollar Man is Back: Lee Majors does interviews
Six Million Dollar Man

Well, it was good to see ol’ Lee Majors promoting the Six-Million Dollar Man box set the other day on CNN. Haven’t seen him on TV since The Fall Guy and a couple of reunion movies. He talked about some behind the scenes stuff and showed a clip of the na-na-na-na sound when he ran in slow motion. Awesome!! Now where’s my Buck Rogers box set…

Tiger Woods: 1 Year Later -

Tiger Woods

…And we still don’t know what REALLY happened that night.

With that said,

Good night and good luck.

Torrence King

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