Thursday, November 11, 2010



Release me out of this box.

Pounding hard
On these four walls

Fists and fury.
Blood and sweat.

I am
All that way
And more.

Pushing and passing through.

A place to stay.
A land to stand.

I’ve lost control
And shifted to the bitter end.

A tiny hole to breathe
With every ounce
Of oxygen remaining.

Time is a waste,
A rotation of nothing.

This is it.
The tumbling down
And down the drain.

Locked inside.

Bars and mud,
A darkness without.

No way to change,
No where to stay.

Release me now.

I will hold tight
The last pound of madness,
For strength
And understanding.

Now, comes the enduring story,
How I will gain
As only one.

Left alone
To defend myself.

Within this surrounding storm,
My heart beats faster,
Ready to burst forth.

Way too late
To hide away
From you.

©2010 Torrence King. All rights reserved. From the poetry-art collection “The Story So Far...” _______________________________________

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